Gamer Smells Really A Thing?

Now, I’m not a gamer, but I’ve taken my son into a few game shops, as well as watched a few Fortnite live streams on Facebook, Saturday Fortnite Solos, Zakky Battle Royale and such, because I find these gamers amazingly talented and the graphics leave me speechless! The game shops haven’t always been bad either, especially if you get in early, but if there’s a big sale or just a few dedicated gamers who stayed at it a bit too long in the shop at the right time, the smell can be, well, let’s just say interesting…

I would never just focus on the guys, but honestly, I’ve never smelled a stinky girl gamer, yet. The guys have mentioned that they do exist, but I think the ladies have it a bit more under control when it comes to soaps and hygiene in general. The potential for guys to be offensively smelly is beyond anything I’ve ever known, starting at a very young age with their feet, but we won’t go there just yet. I sometimes wonder if there’s a woman around at all, mom, sister, someone to tell them that they smell, hand them a bar of soap, anything at all to help them before they leave the house. Now if you’re so lucky as to be the significant other, wife, girlfriend, then I’m sure you can relate just a little, and have probably sat in the other room with the rest of the ladies, secretly dragging each guy for having that ‘smell’ at one time or another. -1 Some men have been known to respond with, “Why shower when you can sit on the couch and play a videogame?” Well, hopefully we can help a little with that one. Again, in my efforts to be fair, I will say that I saw nearly as many complaints about nerds, geeks, developers, and everyone at Comic Con! Some guys acknowledge that there is an issue in the game shops and with some gamers in general and have even mentioned their girlfriends also have shown a desire to not enter, but for some reason they themselves are always innocent.

Don’t worry guys. It’s just BO and we all can get a little funky if we’re not paying attention. We’ve all also probably seen the many game controller soaps on the market these days. Controller and action figure soaps , Mario Bros. and Pikachu, they’re all out there. Well, we happen to love skin and focus on ingredients that promote healthy skin, balance pH, and leave you feeling super clean and fresh. We’ve decided to provide quality skincare in luxurious bar for a fraction of the price. We’re not going to charge you $12.50 for a California Handmade Soaps bar with two or three mediocre ingredients in it because it’s shaped like action figures or a game controllers. We would rather provide the benefits in the quality ingredients instead of the shapes. What we’ve done in the bar is for you to gain skin loving benefits and smell amazingly fresh, clean, and totally prepared for that Fortnite's Zakky Battle Royale or any other challenge of the day.

For instance, take our Man Cave bar. We’ve pumped this bar up with organic, activated vegan charcoal, which has great adsorption powers that draw out bacteria, oil, toxins, and dirt from the pores, resulting in unclogged pores, decrease acne, and improves complexion overall.

We’ve also added colloidal oatmeal, which is all-natural, skin soothing, and helps with sunburns, eczema, bug bites, poison ivy, and all sorts of irritants that cause the skin to become itchy or inflamed. Colloidal oats in our soaps help attract moisture to the skin and uses a protective barrier to lock the moisture in. The skin will become softer due to the phenols in natural oats.

On top of that we put cruelty-free silk amino acids, which add to the skin’s natural moisture, aids in wound healing and scar prevention, and protects the skin against potentially harmful free radicals. Silk amino acids are a luxurious anti-aging ingredient which we love. It gives our bars a nice lather and we love this cruelty-free silk especially because the fibers are collected from the cocoons after the silk worms have emerged, happy journey, bye!

On top of all those wonderful cleansing and nurturing ingredients, we had to throw in a little goat milk for the regeneration properties that it contains in its alpha-hydroxy acids such as lactic acid. This helps remove dead skin cells from the surface, leaving skin looking younger and smoother. Goat milk is also high in Vitamin A, which is great for skin repair. It’s moisturizing and has selenium, which scientists believe may help prevent skin cancer and damage to the skin caused by the sun.

The California Handmade Soaps Man Cave bars are definitely a man’s bar, yet gentle enough to use from head to toe. Packed with skin-loving ingredients that make every moment of use worthy of a gamer’s time away from the controller, with a masculine, clean scent. All our bars carry well balanced scents to make bath time as pleasurable, tranquil, and refreshing as can be, so you’re ready for that tournament and no one nearby is pinching their nose behind your back. Enjoy the clean, refreshing, winning feel you’ll get with California Handmade Soaps, because all gamers don’t stink, and those that do don’t really want to!